Filmtúrák Budapesten

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World's metropole's unite Tour

Budapest is the biggest metropolis!

It contains Argentina’s Casa Rosada, Paris’ Champs-Élysées, London’s Soho district, Vienna’s Rathaus and much, much more.

Spies in the Castle Tour

Duration: 2hrs 30 min.

Starting at Clark Adam square we explore the movie secrets of the Buda Castle.
Dictatorship and empire, political systems and power, spies, agents, secret files.

Movie in the City tour

Movie in the City Tour – the downtown cinema

Film heroes have always existed!

In the film, in our dreams there are the legendary saviours who turn everything good, defeat the evil and win over injustice, the bad are punished by the heroes. There are several mythical and mystical heroes in the films recorded in Budapest.