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Buda and Pest - over and beyond films

Buda és Pest - Filmen innen és túl

Buda and Pest – over and beyond films

At the beginning of our Moviewalking tour, it is hard to tell where we actually are.
Berlin, Budapest, Moscow, Paris, Saint Petersburg or maybe Monte Carlo?
Before we get lost at the railway station designed by Gustave Eiffel, we get on the bus as film adventures are awaiting us!



We are going to Óbuda where we arrive at Rome, but before that we are even travelling through Bosnia. Following the river Danube we even see Berlin! and then come back to Budapest. We are stopping at a bath, but hurry up, because the real Bel Ami is waiting for us! In the meantime you should have a map on you as it is easy to get lost in the Moscow city centre. At the end of our tour we are landing in London, the capital of the United Kingdom. Beside rain, you can expect waiting for change in London. We do that too, a red double-decker might be coming!

You can take part in a real film and time travel if you join us! Get acquainted with Jennifer Connelly, the lonely wanderer Ralph Fiennes and the Viggo Mortensen who likes Hungarian wines a lot!