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Red Heat

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Budapest! This was not such a huge sensation in 1987 as it would be today. It was not in the tabloids, the tv or radio was not full with the news and internet did not exist back then. The people of Budapest considered the event a rather everyday film shooting at the time and nobody would have guessed how far the Austrian-born body-builder would get in Hollywood although he was already a star in the making in the mid ‘80s. We could even say that this is one of the best Schwarzenegger films so far. One where not only muscles, brutal power or action with blood-shed decide the outcome of the fight.

The storyline and the spectacular action scenes are wellbalanced. At the time you could hardly get permission for shooting, let alone for an American super-production.  Thus Walter Hill did not hesitate much when the acknowledged Andrew G. Vajna, one of the producers of the film, recommended the Hungarian capital as an “alterego”. The Buda castle, the 1 district called “Watertown”, the Serbian orthodox church in the downtown, the Gozsdu passage and the historical Rudas and Lukács baths played roles in the film. All were perfect choices, the cinemagoers did not realize at all that Budapest was playing the “big brother”. Only the Hungarian viewers could be taken aback when seeing the Buda palace as the Moscow police headquarters. Some Hungarians were also featured in the film, like the popular actor Gábor Koncz and the 1980 Moscow Olypics Champion in wrestling, Norbert Növényi, too.